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Adventures in Decor: The Most Religious Dunkin' Donuts in NYC

Guest blogger month at Curbed continues this week. Currently occupying the dance floor: Brooks of Sheffield aka Lost City. He's going to be filing on Carroll Gardens and vicinity this week and we do hope you enjoy his old school musings.


Many in Carroll Gardens were saddened when Leonardo's brick-oven pizzeria closed up a couple years ago. Aside from the fine pies, and the old-fashioned, stand-up espresso bar, the restaurant boasted a lovely open garden area on the corner of Court Street and 1st Place which made dining a very pleasant, neighborhoody experience.

The Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins branch that replaced Leonardo's doesn't have any more charm that any other franchise in that hideously colored chain, but they did retain the garden. They also kept, for reasons unknown, the large shrine of Joseph cradling the Christ child which sits at the back of the outdoor space (above). The statue made sense when it was an Italian joint; Carroll Gardens is teeming with shrines, mainly of the Virgin Mary. But it's distinctly out of place among the 31 flavors.

Unsurprisingly, the people behind the counter were not able to offer anything in the way of an explanation. Perhaps Leonardo stipulated Joseph stay when he sold out. Maybe Dunkin is trying to curry favor with the locals. Or maybe they're just trying to curry favor with the locals, capiche?
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