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EaterWire: Launches, Something Fishy at 10 Downing Street

NEW YORK—While Mason putters about, hoping to get his Tailor listed on Flo Fab's Fall Preveiw list for a second time, Johnny Iuzzini seems to be getting shit done. His new website is live. Okay, fine: it's not a restaurant, but at least it's something. Snack and TONY are both all over the sweetness. [Snack; TONY]

WEST VILLAGE—Here's one we'll tag developing. It turns out claims of Scott Bryan's involvement at 10 Downing Street, ie. he'll be running the kicthen, have been greatly exaggerated. The tip of what seems to be a giant iceberg, just into the tipline: "Scott Bryan has not been hired to cook at 10 downing st. Contact him." And so we have and are waiting to hear back. But there's something off about all this. Like we said, this one is developing. [EaterWire]

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