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Pinkberry Rising: Red Mango Seeks Locations for NYC Takeover

With Pinkberry having made clear their intentions to take over New York State, it's not surprising that their mortal enemy Red Mango is getting in on the action as well. Today we received a note from their branding agency BCD seeking suggestions for Manhattan locations. Here's what the Yogurt chain is looking for:

Site Criteria:
800 - 1,000 square feet
No minimum frontage requirement
Maximum rent $180,000 per annum
Our additional requirement, because there is nothing like a good yogurt war, is that Red Mango sites be in shouting distance of either Pinkberry or Tasti-d-lite, or, ideally, both. If you know of a spot that meets all these criteria, and/or just want to screw with Pinkberry, fill out this form.
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