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Launches & Releases: Ask Sunday, Cheap Ass Food

Lanuches & Releases, where we survey the latest and greatest in eating media and services. We have two new sites today for your time-wasting pleasure:

2007_07_sunday.jpg1) For as little as $29 new service Ask Sunday will make restaurant reservations and call you messengers. There's no resy guarantees, but here's how the site describes itself: "Sunday’s always-accessible agents can search the Internet, arrange travel plans, set dinner reservations, make outbound calls, enable remote access to numerous websites and take action in emergency situations. Agents can make international calls to most countries at no additional cost for members of the Gold service plan. Messenger and errand services are also currently available in NYC." [Ask Sunday]

2) And then there's Cheap Ass Food, which, from what we can tell, is the new, self-proclaimed anti-Zagat: " is a site for anyone who loves food and doesn?t give a shit about being proper. Friends of this site are not your typical four star food tasters. The main goal is to support mom & popshops; the neighborhood bagel shop, noodle houses, burger joints and street vendors...etc. We want to let people know that good food doesn?t have to be Zagat rated or expensive. This is a website where one can embrace one?s cheapness." [Cheap Ass Food]

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