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Andrea Strong and the Secret of Last Night's Episode of Top Chef

We were going to abide by Bravo's non-disclosure agreement, but since Cutlets brings up the topic of Andrea Strong and last night's episode of Top Chef (she was a guest judge), it's worth having you know the real story behind her being on the episode. We'll let Cutlets do the disclosing:

Cutlets: You know, I was supposed to be in that episode.
Amuse Biatch: You were going to be Andrea Strong?!
Cutlets: So to speak. It was supposed to be a whole table of bloggers — Daniel Maurer and I for Grub Street, Eater, Restaurant Girl ? but they wanted us to not write about Top Chef at all, and that couldn’t happen. Only Andrea took the pledge.
This is not entirely accurate, for the record. We took the pledge and had planned on abiding by it. But, then, perhaps something about the fact that we spoiled last season made the producers a bit uneasy. In any case, now you know; and now we get to spoil this season as well with a clear conscience.
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