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Deathwatch: Paris Commune

The original Paris Commune opened on Bleecker Street in 1979 and was a classic West Village French bistro through the 80s and 90s. The whole thing went to hell in 2004, however, when the restaurant's owners decided to move their restaurant three blocks west, giving the place a significant design overhaul and price point hike in the process. The old Paris Commune was a bustling neighborhood clubhouse; the new Paris Commune is an austere ghost town. Lessons: 1) The people go in for comfy and aged every time; sleek and polished rarely works. 2) Popularity does not always justify price increases and ambitious expansions. 3) Customers have far too many options to stay with you through these drastic-type mistakes.

Paris Commune is, tragically, done. There might be up to another year of pitiful struggle, and they've just started serving lunch, but the end, she is coming on fast.
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