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EaterWire: Paul Liebrandt May Be Getting His Own Restaurant & More!

NEW YORK CITY—Chef Paul Liebrandt, whose experimental creations were last available at restaurant Gilt, may be coming out with a new restaurant very soon. Food writer Bret Thorn reports that some press materials for a chefs' summit of which Liebrandt was a panel member made reference to "his signature Restaurant Liebrandt, opening Fall 2007, New York City." Perhaps that whole Montrachet project may finally be happening. [Thorn]

WEST VILLAGE— Restaurant Jarnac is back up and running, with some improvements to the decor, after flood damage forced the place to close for a brief period of time. A note sent to customers by the owners about the place's ups and downs (which was forwarded to us by a tipster) reads: "We're back with a new ceiling and a beautiful paint job! It was a bit of a last minute push (but isn't it always?). We re-opened tonight Tuesday 14th and are looking forward to seeing as many people as possible before we leave for our official holiday which takes place from Sunday August 26th to Labor Day. As always thanks for all your support and for the encouraging e-mails that we received after the flood. " [EaterWire]

DAILY DOH—Though the DOH seems to have slowed down a bit, there'll still out there shutting places down for various violations. The latest eatery affected? Upper East Side French restaurant Bistro 60. A reader writes, "Fyi, bistro 60 on 60th between park and madison has a big yellow flyer for closed due to hygiene." [EaterWire Inbox]

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