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Chodorow Edging Closer to Insanity, Places 'Dear Frank' Ad

Jeffrey Chodorow's mad march to the brink of insanity continues today. In response to Frank Bruni's one star review of Wild Salmon, the Chodorow has posted another ad in the Times dining section, this one in reference to Bruni's comments about a penguin gone missing atop Wild Salmon's baked Alaska dessert. To run these things is to encourage the crazy train at this point, but in any event:

2007_08_dearfrank.jpg"Dear Frank, The penguin has returned to the South Pole where it belongs. I'm contributing the money I would have spent on a larger ad to the fight against global warming. Really glad you loved the wild salmon at Wild Salmon. It is like no other salmon I've ever tasted. Regards, Jeff. P.s. Loved "your" cameo in Ratatouille."

2007_02_dearmrwells.jpgA couple of questions about this. 1) Why has the Chodorow gone with a generic letterhead here instead of the official-looking paper stock (right) he used last time? 2) Should we worry about a restaurateur who gets excited about a critic liking one dish at his restaurant? 3) This handwriting looks a bit friendly to be the Chodorow's. We're sending it out for analysis.

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