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First Word: Fem Fatale Battles, Sam Talbot No-Shows Again

As promised, part two of our report from last night's Community Board 2 fiesta.

2007_08_2xh.jpgLast night's biggest drama related to Fem Fatale. Backstory: nightlife promoter Emma Cleary recently proposed turning the Little Chitaly subterranean standby Double Happiness into a club called Fem Fatale catering to, in her own words, "models, investment bankers, and celebrities."

Last night saw another showdown between angry community members and Emma Cleary's entourage. Kind of a circus. Amidst the sound and fury, the chef at Fem Fetale was revealed to be Ulrich 'Rich' Sterling of Pipa, Sushi Samba, et al, who also spoke about the kitchen set-up and menu. Emma refused to budge on the proposed 4am closing time, noting the expense of the lease and that she didn't want to limit herself (or, ahem, her bottom line). The arguments trailed on and on, one group even made a poster board diagram of the number of bars in proximity. Looks doubtful that the community board lets this past at this time. They'll probably go at it again in September.

The meeting was yet another bust on the Sam Talbot to the Bowery front. At the beginning of the meeting it was announced that the matter had been withdrawn from the agenda. No further info was given. Lame. Still no clues as to which Sam Talbot it was.

The group that wants to take over Dirty Disco (actor William DeMeo and his attorney, as you may recall) spoke on behalf of their new venue. It will be a club (with food) but would cater to an "older corporate crowd." Seems like this one will get pushed through as no major opposition was voiced, although board members seemed unconvinced of the venue's plan to reduce noise and congestion outside the venue.

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