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The Charolais Chronicles: Waiting for the Sun to Rise

Today, the Post's Steve Cuozzo takes up the endlessly odd tale of Charolais, f/k/a Cote d'Or, Simon Oren's now-shuttered Lower West Village bistro. Put the Cuozz in the camp that thinks we haven't written the last obituary for this joint:

Yesterday, Charolais' rep told us that Oren now has an agreement with landlord Trinity Real Estate that he won't have to pay any more rent until the sidewalk bridge comes down. But Trinity, through a spokesperson, would only say, "We are reviewing the terms of the lease and hope to reach an appropriate agreement."
Above, courtesy of a neighborhood tipster, the window signage now on display at Charolais. So will the place reopen? To quote an Eater commenter yesterday, "Yes, and the Sun might rise in the west tomorrow morning."
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