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LES Delay Check: Spitzer's Corner vs. The Blue Seats

Yesterday, Eater inspectors arrived on Ludlow Street to ascertain the fate of two long-delayed venues:

1) Spitzer's Corner: This Plywood vet, from the Fat Baby crew, finally soft-opened over the weekend, as reported by The RG. A drop-by last night found the front room, which features two large communal drinking tables, full of revelers. Given its location fronting the very center of Hell Square, this place is going to need some serious crowd-control come next weekend.

2) The Blue Seats: The massive amount of press that this sports bar has gotten before it has managed to open the doors continues to grow. Yesterday's press hit: Andrea Strong's NYPost restaurant wrap announcing that the Blue Seats "opened July 30." As another Eater photo inspection last night indicates—er, not so much. Though crowds are gathering on the stoop! That's gotta be a good sign. Right?

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