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Shutter Special: Ninth Street Espresso Closing 13th Street Location Tomorrow

East Village: Attention Will Regan and espresso junkies everywhere, according to reliable sources, the 13th Street outpost of top espresso purveyor Ninth Street Espresso will close tomorrow. Word via the Eater inbox: "Ninth Street Espresso, self proclaimed most important coffee bar in NY is closing their second location on east 13th street at the end of tomorrow, less than 6 months after opening. Total dud. An old barista is buying the lease and opening his own place there immediately. Check Ninth Street's website and you will see that location has been taken off over the weekend." In fairness, this location was really just a display case and espresso machine located in a larger events space—'location' may be a bit of a stretch. That said, owner Ken Nye's planned expansion next month to the Chelsea Market will be of similar type, so we're going to include an eye brow raise viz his growing empire with this post. Emails to Nye have not yet been answered. [Eater Inbox/Staff]

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