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Charolais fka Côte d'Or ne Charolais to Close

Charolais, the Simon Oren newbie of massive naming debacle fame, is closing, this according to Gael Greene via her Insatiable Critic. The place has been a ghost town, it seems, and a pesky barricade blocking their storefrontage isn't helping matters:

Midnight by cell phone I got the news. Charolais must close. Charolais had opened and closed once already and already changed its name three times. It has moved itself into a space not exactly cursed but certainly not blessed?

This time Charolais was closing because restaurateur Simon Oren and his chef-partner Philippe Roussel had decided the landlord’s pesky barricade was keeping customers away in droves.

Greene notes as well that staff may or may not know at this time, so, well, now you know. Plus, should you be wondering how a restaurant space gets cursed to high hell, well, now you know that, too.
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