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Pinkberry Rising: East 20's Yogurt Feud Brewing

Here we have two more reader reports of forthcoming Pinkberry outlets, which brings the number of plywooded Pinks revealed this week to five (and that's not counting last month's news about the forthcoming Morningside Heights location). Enough suspense; here's the action, including another brewing yogurt feud:

1) West Village: A tipster emails, "The old 'New Century Market' on 6th Ave between 13th & 14th now has a 'Pinkberry Swirling Soon' sign on it. Part of me says this is getting out of hand. The other part of me says maybe this will cut my wait from 35 to 25 minutes."

2) Gramurray: "The Pinkberry is also opening on 3rd Ave & E26th St. So that means you can soon get new fangled fro-yo every 4 blocks on Third between 22-30 streets. Flurt is just off the corner of E 22nd, Pinkberry is going in just off E 26th, Berry Wild is going in just off of E 30th."

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