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The Shutter: Funky Diner, Darna, Red Café

As long as they keep closing restaurants, we'll keep reporting on those closings. Yes sir, it's time for another edition of The Shutter.

2007_08_funky.jpg1) Upper West Side: Twin reader reports of this death: "Funky Diner—82nd and Columbus—is closed. For good? For renovations? I'll miss it." Call to the venue yields the ol' disconnected number. Another tipster seals its fate: "Recently opened Funky Diner on 82nd and Columbus has brown paper in its windows with a message 'closed for renovations.' Last night they were loading things from the diner into a U-Haul rental truck." Say goodnight, friends. [Shutter Inbox, photo courtesy AOL CityGuide]

2) Murray Hill: Emails a tipster, "Remember this review? Sadly, the prediction of Darna lasting seemed to have been wrong. When I walked by last night, the windows were papered over. And the number of not-horrible restaurants in Murray Hill just went down by one." Calls to the venue yielded a full answering machine, which is either a really, really good sign—or, um, a really, really bad one. [Shutter Inbox]

3) Park Slope: News of this shuttering comes from those crazy cats at Chowhound: "Red Café has closed. This is a sad one for me. Always served high quality food but never seemed to be recognized enough for it. I suppose its size & location made it ignorable. The best burger I ever ate in the Slope came from Red Café." [Chowhound]

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