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Good News/Bad News: Southern Hospitality

This Southern Hospitality place: Justin Timberlake owned, Upper East Side based, barbecue focused, bringing sexy back. In answering the important question of what kind of buzz a place like this gets, there's good news and bad news. Actually, there's not really any good news, but, dude, it's JUSTIN:

1) Good, Like, News: "In order to completely live up to the actress stereotype, I've also taken a job waiting tables - which I love! Even better, it's at Justin Timberlake's new restaurant called Southern Hospitality, which is a Memphis-themed BBQ joint that really rocks my socks. So far it's really great - and it's not that I'm some huge JT fan - although he is very nice - but I just love being in a place where I can order fried green tomatoes and sweet tea. I mean, how freakin perfect. Plus the JT hype means we have quite the buzz and get a lot of business, which means good cash flow for me. Holla." [myspace/christinadoggrell]

2) Bad News: "In the flesh, SH is less Dogpatchy than the promotional material would suggest, but the food was relentlessly unremarkable -- the only deviation from that standard were the collards, which appeared to be ground and steamed, and gave the impression of the next food you'd introduce your toddler to." [Gurgling Cod]

3) Bad News: It took a while for the waitress to take our order, after which we waited, waited, and waited for our food (mind you, we just ordered a few appetizers). After more than an hour had gone by, I managed to flag down our waitress and asked her when our food would be ready. She hastily responded with a "I'm hoping everyone's food in this room will be ready soon" brush-off. Even the couple next to us was pissed. Fed up with the service, or lack thereof, I canceled our order, and left...starving. The worst part was that we watched Jorge Posado (Yankees), who came a little after we did, get his drinks, appetizers, and main entrees in a span of about 30 mins." [Yelp]

4) Bad News: "I finally had a chance to sample some fare at JT's new bbq place. And my advice is anyone looking for even half decent bbq, look elsewhere. I went in and had a seat at the bar to grab a sandwich. The place looks like Hard rocks little brother, and the service is pretty inhospitable. Our bartender was too busy fending off the advances of some older creepy guy to worry about us. The pulled pork is laughable, and the role it was served on was stale. Like crunchy stale. The fries are limp and flavorless, and the sauce tastes like it came right from Dallas BBQ. The sides are basically 5 dollars each for a pitifully small amount. The mac and cheese was almost cold, and a small step up from Kraft. Its basically a cleaner Brother Jimmy's with worse food. While I was there, there were countless groups of aged frat boys doing colorful shots, with bartenders who look like they answered a casting call. I definitely won't go back, and my advice for anyone looking for decent bbq, check out RUB or dinosaur. But if you are a lady looking to score a guy in his 30's doing kamikaze shots in a white lacrosse hat, Southern Hospitality is the place for you. [Eater Inbox]

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