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The R- and X-Rated Tales of Four Star Dining

The Bruni today investigates the goings on in New York's top restaurants when diners get boozy. Ours is a drinking city, see, which means we don't keep things as tight as, perhaps, we should. For example:

1) "Just as she was getting to her bra, the maître d’hôtel got to her. Thus her drunken, wobbly stint as a stripper ended, and so did her dinner. She and her date, a smiling, sloshed man who had seemingly egged her on, were escorted to the door. At the end of a long lunch three well-dressed, then undressed, women in their mid-20s decided that the marble pool in the center of the main dining room looked like a nifty spot for a dip, said [Four Seasons owner] Julian Niccolini, one of the restaurant’s owners. So they took one, wearing nothing more than their panties, he said. Asked about their motivation, Mr. Niccolini answered: “I’m not going to say the word drunk. They were very happy. They were very excited.”

2) "At Cru one night several diners complained that the door to one of the two small restrooms must be broken, because it hadn’t budged in more than 15 minutes. “We kept knocking and knocking and getting no answer,” recalled Robert Bohr, the wine director, in a telephone interview. “So we put the key in.” And as the door opened, a young man and woman hastily gathered themselves together and just as hastily zipped back to their table. “The guy had a self-satisfied look on his face,” Mr. Bohr said. “The woman kept her eyes lowered.”

3) "And at this very nice restaurant, earlier this year, a regular sat at the bar — first with just one companion, then with several more — and ordered thousands of dollars worth of red wine. There was a $400 bottle of Rioja. There was a $3,500 magnum of Burgundy. At a certain point he had to go. So he stumbled to a restroom, where he stumbled into a vase, knocking it over and shattering it. Surveying the wreckage, he apparently decided he should use a different commode. Sadly, he didn’t get to it in time.

Vomiting table side at Per Se, bathroom joint-hitting and more are via the click.
· Fine Diner to Riffraff: Tipsy Tales of 4-Star Benders [NYT]

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