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The Shutter Uptown: Park East Grill, Krispy Kreme, Copeland's

When we said yesterday that there were more restaurant closings to report on than any one day could hold, we weren't kidding. Yes, The Shutter is back, this time dropping the grate for the final time uptown.

2007_07_parkeast.jpg1) Upper East Side: "This is our last week," reads the email in the Eater inbox from a manager at Park East Grill on Second Ave. (between East 82nd/83rd). Per the word on the restaurant's official (and most definitely kosher) website, "Our building was recently sold, and we have accepted a buyout offer from our new landlord for the eleven years remaining on our lease. Since the managing partner of Park East Grill will be starting the full time MBA program at Columbia University next month, we have decided against the lengthy and timely process of building and acquiring the necessary permits for a new location." Last standard lunch and dinner will be served tomorrow; final meal will be Shabbat dinner on Friday. (The catering business will continue.) And let us say, one last time, amen. [Shutter Inbox]

2) Upper East Side: An Eater commenter drops this bomb: "Krispy Kreme KLOSES!!! Krispy Kreme @ 84th & 85th streets on 3rd avenue has CLOSED! No signage and brown paper in the window. Did they give away too many doughnuts? [Shutter Comments]

3) Harlem: It's been widely reported (and linked in the Eater Radar) for a few days now, but a moment of Shutter silence please for 145th Street legend Copeland's, which served its last piece of fried chicken on Sunday. "The transformation [of the neighborhood] snuck up on me like a tornado," the owner said. [NYSun]

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