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PLYMANIA Roosevelt Island Rejoice Edition: Pizza!

Roosevelt Island: In many neighborhoods, the coming of a new pizza joint—especially one lacking a spell-checker—wouldn't be headline news. Unless, of course, you live on Roosevelt Island, which is experiencing a restaurant crisis of impossible proportions, as we've previously discussed. Per caps-happy local blogger Roosevelt Islander, the tide may be starting to turn: "I SAW THE FLYER BELOW TAPED TO ONE OF THE KIOSKS ON MAIN STREET THIS MORNING. DOES THIS MEAN THAT ROOSEVELT ISLAND WILL HAVE IT'S OWN ITALIAN RESTAURANT SOON? THERE IS ALSO SUPPOSED TO BE A JAPANESE RESTAURANT AS WELL." Good God, friends. Cue the frigging apocalypse. [PLYWOOD!]
· Pizza is Returning to Roosevelt Island! [Roosevelt Islander]
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