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The Dish: Johnny Utah's, Côte d’Or, Koito, The Old Brooklyn Parlor, Ella Cafe, Quarter Bar

Hankering for Dish, you say? Please be seated. Eater's regular report of newly opened restaurants is coming your way in two courses today. The first was served moments ago; now, the second.

[Kalina, 7/18/07]

1) Johnny Utah's: Friends, the mechanical bull era is almost upon us. Behold, above, the centerpiece of Rockefeller Center newcomer Johnny Utah's. The bull is already scoring serious print—Page Six today reports that the Naked Cowboy took a ride at the opening party—but, er, what about the food? Marlon Manty, ex-Blue Smoke, is in charge, and serving up—wait for it—BBQ. We'll have more to say during Eater Inside tomorrow; opening here is set for Monday. 25 West 51st Street at Fifth Ave.; (212) 265-8824. [previously]

2) Côte d’Or: Does the thought of another French bistro from French bistro mastermind Simon Oren excite you greatly? Er, us neither, exactly. That said, this space at the bottom of the West Village looks rather pleasant; expect the usual bistro fare. 225 Varick Street at Clarkson; (212) 727-2775 [RareDaily]

3) Koito: We love nothing more than when a restaurant flies in under the radar. Let's turn it over to a tipster who might be shilling, but we'll forgive: "There is a really nice sushi restaurant, which opened a couple of months ago on East 93 street. The atmosphere is charmingly casual, with a large picture of a samurai flashing his eyes above the sushi counter. The chef is an authentic Japanese sushi chef with twenty years of experience. It would be really nice if you guys could highlight it! PS I have nothing to do w/ it... (so please call them directly for reservations, etc.)" 310 East 93rd Street between First and Second Aves; (212) 426-1216 [Eater Inbox]


4) The Old Brooklyn Parlor: This Prospect Heights newcomer comes to us courtesy of Flickr photographer staceyjoy and the Racked Photo Pool. She reports: "Just opened today two doors down from me! I've already had two scoops of Ronnybrook Farm ice cream: Ginger Creme Brulee and Hazelnut." Yummers. Vanderbilt Avenue, other details elusive. [Racked Photo Pool]

5) Ella Cafe: Over in Williamsburg, our friends at Gowanus Lounge report that this Bedford Avenue newcomer was slated to open yesterday. What are they serving here? We profess to have no idea. Report from the field encouraged. Bedford Avenue near N. 7th, other details elusive. [The Gowanus Lounge]

6) Quarter Bar: Shill alert: "While strolling down the less trendy end of 5th Ave in Brooklyn last weekend, I stumbled upon a new bar on 20th street. According to the small chalk board in the window, it's called Quarter Bar. It has a mellow vibe, inventive and delicious cocktails and a 'secret garden' type space out back. On the day I was in there was a BBQ with free food! Getting back to the cocktails, I had one called 'the plantation' aka 'the basil drink.' The fresh ingredients and craftsmanship put into making the cocktail made it worth the wait. Check it out." They shill, you decide. [Eater Inbox]