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Plywood Report: Borough Food and Drink, Grey Dog, More!

Yes, it's the first Plywood Report with comments. Life is good, friends. More sightings in the comments or to the tipline; bonus love for digipix.


1) Flatiron: Let's begin with a very special plywood invitation. Above left, evidence that we're getting close at Plywood Report regular Borough Food and Drink, the market/restaurant concept in the old Rocco's space on East 22nd Street brought to you by Mssrs. Jeffrey Chodorow and Zak Pelaccio. Says a special Eater correspondent that passed by the space and snapped the help wanted sign in the window for us (above right), "The place is fucking huge." [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper West Side: An Eater reader emails, "I just spied a new bar being sanded (wonderful sight) on the south side of 72nd street between CPW and Columbus. Any idea what (smart money would be on yet another wine bar) or when it will open?" Intel in the comments, svp. [PLYWOOD]


3) Central Village: There is perhaps no minor venue more beloved by Plywood shills tipsters than the forthcoming Grey Dog's Coffee (above). The latest missive: "Grey Dog's Coffee, 90 University Place, scheduled to open first week of July—hopefully on or about the 2nd. Some utility work left to do but the place is builtfor the most part. A cozy, vibrant and village-looking room w/brick walls, high ceilings w/ceiling fans and wide-board wood floors." [PLYWOOD/POST-PLYWOOD]]