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EaterWire: DOH News Galore & Much More!

PARK AVE SO—Let's end the day with a bunch of DOH shutterings, shall we? The first, from a tipster, has to do with sandwich chain and curiously oily bread purveyor Cosi. "Was walking by the Cosi on Park Ave. South and saw it was closed down buy the Healthstapo. Full frontal pic attached." Somewhere out there, a franchisee is despondent. Also, Healthstapo=our new favorite made-up noun. [EaterWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG—Rumor has it that the beachy restaurant/drink spot Surf Bar has been closed by the DOH. A query, from a reader: "I heard that Surf Bar was shut down by the DOH? any word if this is true? having worked there for two years I am not surprised. But the food is great and I countinue to eat there" [EaterWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN WEST—Yet more DOHage, this time from the Theater District. Sayeth a reader, "Went to have a pleasant sidewalk meal at my favorite Ethiopian place in Manhattan, Meskerem (the 47th st. location), yesterday and was shocked to find it closed with a big, yellow DOH sign in the window." [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE—Some guy sitting in a lawn chair outside of Chumley's is saying it'll be a year and a half before the historic bar reopens. [NewYorkology]

WEST VILLAGE—Is trouble brewing at date-night favorite One if by Land, Two if by Sea? From a reader, "Rumor has been spreading across from One if by Land, Two if by Sea that the chef has left the restaurant. When I called to ask the individual who picked up the phone neither denied nor confirmed that the chef has left the restaurant." Anyone know the truth? [EaterWire Inbox]

MURRAY HILL—A reader wonders if, among other things, whether Rodeo Bar was closed by the DOH (likely) or by some mysterious pyro. "Has the Third Avenue firebug struck again? Is there any place left on Fratboy Alley where a grownup local can get a drink? The Rodeo Bar is closed with files of burnt grills and ceiling outside...and I feared the worst when I went by this afternoon. But the signs tell a different story. A white one says it is closed for a few weeks to make some "renovations" in the AC system, while yellow signs say it has been closed by the Dept. of Health. I'll try to get pictures later. Despite obvious lack of great cleanliness that everyone on the block knows, the food there is still tasty, and the bands relaxing. Given all the fires that have been going up and down the area of late (Sunflower Diner still out)...I hope this isn't a NEW way to shut the place down!" [EaterWire Inbox]