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Unconfirmed Exclusive: Friedman Teaming with Freemans in Former West Space

Ken Friedman, of Spotted Pig and, soon, a TK new seafood restaurant, will team up with Freemans owners Taavo Somer and William Tigertt and take over the closed-for-renovations West space at 425 West St, this blockbuster news denied thoroughly by all parties involved. Tigertt: "No signed legal docs for any joint venture at this point. So no truth at this moment. We are discussing a project in Atlantic City called the Spotted Friedman - seasonal Asian/Canadian fusion cuisine with handcrafted classic cocktails prepared by little person bartenders in pig costumes." Friedman: "Also we may do one in Dubai." All this is to say, of course, the intel, into Eater from a very reliable source, is in all likelihood true. Together with the opening of Socialista, the far West Side is 6-8 months away from unbridled hotness.