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Adventures in Shilling #009: In Our Own Backyard

Welcome back to Adventures in Shilling, our regular feature on the practically-national pastime of bullshit artistry. Today, we need not look far for our shills. With Eater Commenters at full-tilt, so, too, are the shillers (note: not to be confused with The Schillers). First, up, a shill from Landmarc, which was allowed because its shill probability came in just under a disqualifying 80%:

Why is it every reviewer keeps missing three important tips for Landmarc diners?: 1. Brunch lets you choose from an expansive breakfast menu plus the already expansive lunch menu. This approaches Shopsins-like territory for menu selection. 2. Said brunch breakfast/lunch menu is also available for very large groups. Thus no fixed menu requirement...which is a big plus vs. the strings most others make you pull when you want to being in 12+ people. 3. On the brunch menu, the pain perdu is one big hunk of deliciousness. This towering piece of bread (must be 4" wide, 5" long, 4" tall) is supposedly soaked overnight in milk, eggs, and rum among other things. The result is a nicely flavored, crisp on the outside (sometimes too crispy...steak knife anyone?) / gooey on the inside piece of breakfast heaven. The reviewers seem to cover the negatives, which I happen to agree with for the most part, fairly well.

Shill Probability: 78%

On the other hand, for a certain brand of shill, there is no room in our backyard. Example:

Hi! I am an Event Planner for [redacted] which is a bar and lounge in the East Village! We would love to have you come out to our next event:

Summer Beer Tasting
You will sample a variety of beers and a brew master will walk you through the history of the beer, how to taste it , and more.
$25 cover

We are located at [redacted].

If interested, please contact me:


Shill Probability: 100%

No, thanks.

You, too, can help fight shills. Right this way.