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City on Red Hook Ball Field Vendors: 'We Love These Groups'

Peter Meehan for the Times takes an important first step in determining the severity of the threat to shut down the Red Hook ball fields. There's no reason to cease application of Levine-style pressure to keep the vendors safe just yet, but all may not be lost:

Warner Johnston, chief spokesman for the Parks Department, said it was trying to apply the same rules and permits for all vendors in all parks. He said department officials hoped the vendors’ group would submit a bid.

“We love these groups,” Mr. Johnston said. “We know what a resource they are.”

He said the organization now pays about $9,000 a season, but he had no idea how much a successful bid for a permit would cost. (Permits for hot dog stands in Central Park vary hugely, he said, depending on location: from $600 to $300,000 a season.) No other requests have been received for the space in Red Hook.

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