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The DOH Chronicles: Di Fara Shuttered Anew?

Legendary Avenue J pizza joint Di Fara was closed by the DOH in March for various reasons, then reopened with a clean bill of health in early April. It was a dicey couple of weeks for New York's pizza devotees. Now it seems Dom DeMarco may have just another run-in with the Health Department. It's almost impossible to believe this is true, yet to withhold this from you would be out of line. From an Avenue J correspondent:

Was just waiting for my pie at ave. J's di fara and watched a doh official tape a yellow "closed" sign on the window. One reason was that the window was open. De Marco himself was so distracted he wasn't hand cutting basil and grating cheese atop the pies. Even without the added ingredients, pizza was still great.
· Di Fara [Slice]

UPDATE: BREAKING: Di Fara Fails Five of Six Health Inspections, Closed By DOH Indefinitely.