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And Now, A Message From the Hall Company: 5 Ninth Anti-Deathwatch Edition

Kalina, 9/29/05.

Sam Frier: "Daniel "Chino" Parilla is named new executive chef of 5 Ninth restaurant in NYC. It has been 3 years since the opening of 5 Ninth and a great 3 years it has been for all involved: the chef, Zak Pelaccio, and partners Vincent Seufert, Joel Michel and Rick Camac. Alas, Zak Pelaccio is moving on, as of Saturday, June 6th. Zak resigned to pursue the many projects he is currently involved in and to spend more time with his son. Although Zak's shoes are hard to fill, Daniel "Chino" Parilla is definitely up to the task. Not only has he worked with Zak at 5 Ninth, but also at Fatty Crab. Before that he was at Café Boulud and during his four years in Philadelphia, he had the pleasure of working with Susanna Foo and at Striped Bass The new vision at 5 Ninth is to serve seasonal modern American cuisine with the flair that only a well seasoned and worldly chef can offer. But 5 Ninth is still the same intimate, romantic, restaurant that you've come to love."
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