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BREAKING: Di Fara Fails Five of Six Health Inspections, Closed By DOH Indefinitely

Via Slice, Dom DeMarco at Di Fara using his bare hands.

In a stunning and shocking turn of events, we're now able to confirm with 100% certainty that Di Fara has again been shut down by the Department of Health. Furthermore, with the pizzeria having failed five of their last six inspections, Dom DeMarco's pride and joy will remain closed until further notice. Here is the statement just issued to us by the Heath Department:

The Health Dept closed Di Fara's Pizzeria on June 4th following three failed inspections since March, when they were initially closed for rodent infestation among other violations.

Di Fara's failed to comply with a set of stipulations which that they'd agreed to in April and which would have assisted them in operating a safer restaurant. These stipulations included re-taking and passing the food protection course. Yesterday, they were cited for unsanitary conditions including mouse infestation, flies, and bare hand contact with food, totaling 51 violation points. Having failed five of six inspections in the last 18 months, their inspection history indicates an unwillingness or inability to meet health code requirements that are in place to protect people's health.

According to the Heath Department, the restaurant will not be allowed to reopen until DeMarco appears before the Office of Administrative Tribunal Hearings (OATH) for a hearing, where a judge will determine fines and next steps. At OATH a restaurant can choose to enter into another "stipulation agreement," where the DOH defines conditions for re-opening. If such an agreement cannot be reached, Di Fara's faces possible permit suspension or revocation. At present, we have not been informed of a date for Di Fara's hearing.
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Recent Inspection History

6/4/07 - Failed inspection with 51 points - Closed

5/30/07 - Failed inspection, 77 points

4/02/07 - Passed re-opening inspection

3/23/07 - Failed re-opening inspection

3/23/07 - Failed re-opening inspection

3/15/07 - Failed inspection 89 points - Closed

4/18/06 - Passed inspection with 21 points

2/23/06 - Failed inspection

1/6/06 - Failed inspection