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Let There Be Comments!

In the two years that Eater has been around, the most frequently requested site feature from you fine people has been comments. "Why no comments on Eater?" began the requests way back when. Over time, your inquiries got a bit more aggressive, passive aggressive, even: "Don't know if I'm lame and can't see some sort of obvious link, but I would appreciate a comment section w/ your postings." And, finally, the straw that broke the camel's back: "Would you clowns flip the switch on comments already? You do realize you're running a blog, right?"

So, okay, folks. With a fair amount of excitement and quite a bit more trepidation, we're pleased to present you with full access to comments on this here blog. Where ever you see the footer link such as the one shown here, that's us eagerly awaiting your thoughts. It's a special day, friends. Go bananas.