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BREAKING: Brasserie LCB Semi-Officially Closed, Dropped from OpenTable

One of the ways you can be certain a restaurant is done? It cancels its contract with resy site OpenTable. So today, as we note by way of official notice from OpenTable, Brasserie LCB, ne the legendary La Cote Basque, has been removed from their system (it had previously been just de-listed). Any hope of JJ Rachou's triumphant return, post DOH smackdown, has all but disappeared. Though Ducasse spokespeople remain mum, rumors of his taking the space are looking increasingly legit.
· Shutter Special Investigation: Brasserie La Côte Basque
· LCB Still Shuttered, Reopen Minimum of Two Weeks Off [~E~]
· Ducasse Looking to Takeover La Cote Basque Space [~E~]