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The Delay: With the Clock on 'Summer' Ticking, Mason Still Optimistic

Shot of Tailor's plywooded exterior courtesy of Noah Kalina

Our relationship with Sam Mason is tenuous at best. First he was amused by our pointing out that his hotly-anticipated dessert restaurant didn't stand a chance in hell of opening on time. Then, less so. In the end, however, we're here to serve you, not the chef. And since it does seem that The Launch, Mason's regular musings on opening a restaurant, has finally shut down (credit: Bullfrog & Baum), here's the latest on Tailor, which is now four months behind schedule.

Officially: "We're still looking toward this summer."

Unofficially: "If you guys are still on the Tailor beat: Just spoke to a friend who is involved in the build-out. Says it won't be open until September."
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