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83% of Restaurants Already in Compliance with Citywide Trans Fat Ban

The citywide ban on trans fats, annouced back in December, goes into effect on July 1 (though there is as three-month grace period), and the city announced today, via press release, that 83% of restaurants are already in compliance with the law:

...83% of restaurants were not using artificial trans fat for frying as of June 1 – a full month before the new regulation will take effect...

The first phase of the trans fat regulation takes effect on July 1 and applies to oils, shortening and margarines used for frying and spreading – not to baked goods or prepared foods, or oils used to deep-fry dough or cake batter. These are covered by the second phase of the regulation, which takes effect on July 1, 2008. The Health Department’s new survey found that 57% of restaurants where trans fat content could be determined were using oils free of artificial trans fat for frying, as spreads, and even for baking – a purpose covered by the 2008 deadline. That’s up from approximately 50% in 2006.

You'll have to click through for the quotes from owners of Bubba Gump Shrimp and Waterfront Ale House.
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