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EaterWire: Grey Dog Two Weeks Out & More!

CENTRAL VILLAGE—Long-plywooded cafe Grey Dog should be woodless and up and running very soon. Via our favorite shill: "Your loyal Gray Dog shill checking in. Actually I'm Gray Dog's landlord (University Place) so not a full-fledged shill, really. All utilities and inspections are complete; electrical, plumbing, buildings, DOH, DEP, etc., etc. Just a little wait for gas meter and a few other minor items-- and hiring (many positions still needed). Should be open 2nd week July." Ambitious. [EaterWire]

CHELSEA—It would appear as if a business has taken up residence in the space where massive flop Lonesome Dove once resided. A tipster writes, "Lonesome Dove space. Walked by last night ... it's now a working bar! They were open, there was a bartender, there were drinkers and a jukebox. No signs, no beer lights, no nothing. Just a bar. Any insights?" Update: A break in the case, via the tipline: "Old Lonesome Dove spot is a new bar owned by Jay of Shaeffer City Oyster Bar down the street. FlatIron Joe's, or Joe's Flatiron, something to do with Flatiron." [EaterWire Inbox]

NOLITA—Another Pinkberry outpost readies to open. From a reader, "I'm pretty excited because I just walked by the soon-to-be Pinkberry on Spring Street, and it looked essentially 100% finished inside. You could see through the front door and someone was in there sweeping - everything seemed to be in place. Any idea when it'll be open and serving up yogurty goodness?" Nope—anyone else know of the opening date? [EaterWire Inbox]

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