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The Dish: 'Wichcraft at Tunnel, Solace

1) 'Wichcraft at Tunnel: The latest branch of Tom Colicchio's ticket to an $80 million payday, 'Wichcraft has opened in the former Tunnel nightclub, of all places. The Citysearch Blog has the early word: "And as much as I'd like to slag the place as a soulless, corporate black hole, doing so would mean lying about the deep pleasure I got out of a grilled cheddar, pear and ham sandwich I had there the other day. If the embarrassment of scarfing down a $9 sandwich in a place where you used to watch people make a meal out of a lollipop is too great to bear, you can always flee with your lunch to the well-coiffed comfort of nearby Chelsea Waterside Park." 269 11th Ave, Chelsea; (212) 780-0577 Update: Eat for Victory ruins Citysearch's fun. The branch isn't exactly new. Nina Lalli, A+ . [Citysearch]

2) Solace: Cheffed by David Regueiro and with former Nish partner Joe Scalice in the GM role, Solace, an American restaurant, replaces Cambalache (Cambalache) on the far reaches of the Upper East Side. The scant opening press has noted David Regueiro as being one-time of Aureole, which is true. Also true: Steven Hall is involved in this thing. Somehow. Cutlets color: "We can certainly see standards like salt cod and gnocchi ragout, butter braised lobster, and eggplant, goat cheese, and tomato terrine hitting the spot on a quiet night in the garden (open till 11 p.m.), with our own bottle in tow (Solace is still waiting on its liquor license)." 406 East 64th Street, UES; (212) 750-0434 [EaterStaff; Cutlets]

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