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EaterWire: Mas DOH-age

We've got two brief bits of 'Wire for you on this steamy Thursday evening.

WEST VILLAGE—Beloved greasy spoon and drunk-eats spot the Hudson Diner has been hit by the DOH. From a tipster, "There was a CLOSED yellow Health Dept. sticker on the Hudson Diner on Hudson Street. This was Tuesday." [EaterWire Inbox]

HARLEM—Soul-food restaurant M & G Diner was shuttered a few weeks back by the DOH, and it looks as if the place won't recover from the blow. A reader writes, "M & G Diner was shut by DOH - 125th @ St. Nicholas - some called it the last true soul/southern restaurant left in NY. Doesn't look like it is trying to reopen" [EaterWire Inbox]