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Delayed: American Grill

Despite a glitzy declaration of their grand opening on Monday (to blame: Cutlets), above is the scene at American Grill, the eventually-24/7 diner entry replacing Keiv, at this time. A tipster files from Second Avenue and 7th Street, with plenty of neighborhood attitude:

Attached please find a sign posted at the American Grill which is located in the old Kiev space on 2nd Avenue and 7th Street. "Due to a water main replacement... we will have a grand reopening as soon as this issue is resolved." It seems that a water main problem has forced them to close for an unspecified period of time. I live on the block, and we have indeed experienced water outages both Sunday and Monday nights.

If this establishment were within sight of McSorley's at the other end of the block, these guys might stand a chance -- Bounce Douche isn't going to bring enough drunk frat boys jonesin' for mediocre pancakes to save these folks. Paging David Chang's real estate broker.
In the shadows, the Deathwatch Committee raises a collective eye brow.