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EaterWire: Gemma A Week And A Half From Opening & More!

EAST VILLAGE—The staff at Gemma, the soon-to-open Italian restaurant inside the Bowery Hotel, must be prepping furiously for the eatery's full-scale reveal, which, we hear, is in less than two weeks' time. Sayeth a reader, "Walked by Gemma this morning (restaurant in the Bowery Hotel) and it looked like it was nearly ready for business - full length windows/doors open, tables with full place settings, bar with stools, etc." The Bowery Hotel's website states that the place will be opening in July; per a call to the hotel, we hear they are currently offering breakfast service and will have full dinner service a week from Friday. [EaterWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE—A "great cheap" sushi place has been felled by the DOH. Via a tipster, "Don't know if anyone cares, but Sushi Zen, the half-price sushi place on St. Mark's, has been DOH'd. A couple of typed "renovation" notices do a crappy job of hiding the yellow mark of evil. This place was always packed, and is tons better than the other half-price sushi joints in the area. A great cheap place to satisfy a sushi appetite." [EaterWire Inbox]