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Ramen War Brewing in East Village: Momofuku 1, Setagaya 1

You may recall last week that, while drumming up business for his new ramen joint Setagaya, the restaurant's manager ran his mouth to Cutlets about how authentic his dishes were—and how bogus the stuff at current East Village ramen king Momofuku is.

Asked about Momofuku, [GM Charlie] Huh says, “They get mostly American customers. Japanese people do not go to that place. They’re pretty good — but we can do much, much better.”

Japanese eaters, Huh says, know that the secret is in the broth, and Setagaya uses a traditional recipe using just 10 percent meat and 90 percent ingredients such as dried anchovies, clams, scallops, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, and (the secret weapon) Vietnamese salt, all boiled for five to six hours every morning.

In response, it seems, Momofuku has posted the above note in their window: "Momofuku: 100% Natural Ramen. Made from 90% American Ingredients and 10% of Don't Worry About It." Nice return indeed, David Chang. Setagaya, your serve.
· New East Village Ramen Spot Insists It’s More Authentic Than Momofuku [Cutlets]

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