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Plywood BBQ Bonus: LES Getting Pulled

... pulled pork, that is! Oh-ho! Following up on Friday's special BBQ-flavored Plywood report, an Eater reader sends along the above photos, snapped on Orchard Street below Houston. Our search for intel about what looks to be called Georgia's Eastside BBQ led us to this Flickr photoset, seemingly assembled by a friend of the owner. Who knows more about what's going on here? Liquor license situation?
· Georgia's East Side BBQ Photoset [Flickr/jennysherbert]

PLYWOOD UPDATE: As several alert readers and commenters pointed out, Friday's Plywood report with photos of a mysterious venue on Ludlow Street is none other than Plywood vet Chickie Pig. Looks like that April opening date was a tad aggressive, no?

Georgia's Eastside BBQ

192 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002 Visit Website