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Eater Inside: Smith and Mills

Kalina, 6/20/07

Rare is the bar for which daylight is actually a good look, so take a nice long gaze at Smith and Mills, Matt Abramcyk and Akiva Elstein's newbie Tribeca bar celebrating its 23-day anniversary today. Following a real media frenzy at the outset, the buzz has quieted and the crowds have become somewhat more local, which provides some hope that it'll not turn into the DailyCandy/Shecky's mess that plagued Employees Only, the owners previous CV entry, in the months after it opened. We'd had a look at the space in January during construction and, impressively, it's turned out as they promised it would. The distinct and purposeful air of throwback chic actually works for this place, which is about two thirds the size of a squash court. There's some food offered here as well, and they may eventually do coffee and breakfast, but that's not the point. This is a place that makes you feel better than you have any right to feel about having four scotches on a Tuesday night.