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The DOH Chronicles: Columbia U's Blue Java Shut Down

The young Ivy whippersnappers summering at Columbia have had their first run-in with the Department of Health. The Bwog, the blog of the Columbia undergrad magazine, The Blue and White, reports that Blue Java, their "only source of sustenance" at Columbia's flagship library, Butler, has been shuttered by the DOH for failing to operate with a two-welled sink. This is the statement now posted at the coffee shop:

"Blue Java in Butler Library has been closed by the NYC Health Dept due to an issue with the type of sink that is used. The Blue Java staff is working with the NYC Health Dept and CU Facilities to correct the situation as quickly as possible."
So what are the kids doing about it?
Bwog called the Health Department's media desk, where we were brusquely informed that inquiries "take a long while" to process, and we were referred to an e-mail address where we could make a formal request for information (, for the interested). Since we're not down with bureaucratic red tape, Bwog dialed the media desk again. Much to our relief we were answered by a different receptionist, who said she would try to get to the bottom of the Blue Java mystery by the end of business hours today.
Indeed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the students of Columbia today.
· Glad They're Telling Us Now [The Bwog]