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Gift From Corporate America: The Happy Hour Spreadsheet

In New York, the biggest law firms, banks and media companies have always been good to us, when it comes to helping find -- and, via friends' insane expense accounts, fund -- places to eat. There is, for example, the world famous Sushi Memo, written by a paralegal at Paul, Wiess; and there's the annually-updated Sushi Spreadsheet (latest version), a ranking of the best sushi in the city, complied and maintained by Greg Lippmann, a trader at Deutsche Bank. Now comes the Happy Hour Spreadsheet (download), written, if the document information is accurate, by someone at The Walt Disney Company. It lists more than 100 bars around the city and organizes them by day of the week and happy hour deal details. It is by no means comprehensive, but it'll sure as hell get you tipsy on the cheap. Our thanks go out to the corporate types in the crowd, without whom we'd be painfully reliant upon Shecky's and Citysearch.
· NYC Happy Hours: the list [American Madness]

UPDATE: This list isn't that new, but it seems to be recirculating. If you had it a year ago, you should be extra boozy by now. Also, someone must have an intern floating around who can update it and get it back to us for distribution.