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EaterWire AM Edition: Goldfarb, Room 4 Dessert in Ownership Battle; Future Uncertain

SOHO—Will Goldfarb previously assured us that his dessert bar on Lafayette Street, Room 4 Dessert, was on target to reopen this week, following an early summer hiatus. Today, however, its future, especially in its current location, looks less certain. Buried in a parenthetical in Peter Meehan's article for the Times on dessert chefs:

At the moment Room 4 Dessert is closed as a result of ownership issues he was not eager to go into. He said it would reopen, perhaps at another address.
As of this morning, Goldfarb said that he couldn't yet say anymore. But from the sound of this it seems a rift with his business partners is a certainty. One imagines that they may own the space and he the concept. In any case, we're filing Room 4 Dessert under future uncertain until further notice. [EaterWire; NYT]

UPDATE: From Mr. Goldfarb: "room 4 dessert will open as soon as possible, and it will be in either its current location or a new, much larger space. room 4 dessert is my brand. it will only open with me at its current or new location. i made an arrangement to buy out the rest of the shares from my previous partners; the reopening has been delayed because of the precise details of this arrangement."