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Borough Food and Drink Secret Spy Cam Photos Revealed!

Here now, courtesy of an intrepid Eater correspondent who snuck into their neighborhood party last night, we present the first images a new look at Jeffrey Chodorow and Zak Pelaccio's potential disaster area Borough Food & Drink. Based on these photos, we will acknowledge that at the very least the dynamic duo is putting their best foot forward. The place feels quite a bit more local than either of the two previous Chodorow experiments in the space (Rocco's, then Caviar & Bananas) and the pool room is an excellent touch. But there is still the matter of the questionable concept (the Best of the Boroughs) to overcome. Ultimately, unlike, oh, say, Kobe Club, it's too early to call this one. There's an opening party tonight. Crash it; let us know what you think.




Post-party, the staff get a pep talk for their big night ahead.

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UPDATE: Our bad, Cutlets.