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EaterWire: Changes In The Works For PINCH & Much. Much. More.

PARK AVE SOUTH—More on the curious case of the little pizza eatery that captured so many of your hearts, PINCH. From a tipster, "PINCH is closing due to the new Gansavort [sic] Hotel that is going up on Park Ave South. Word is that the hotel will be opened sometime in late 2008, early 2009. Is Park Ave South going to become the new hot spot? Could be see another rooftop bar and G-SPA?" For more information, here's a note from one of the place's owners:

My name is Todd Birnbaum, and I am one of the creators and owners of Pinch...Many rumors have been circling regarding our future, or supposed lack thereof, so I am writing to set the record straight. We will be closing this Friday in our current location. This is occurring because of a lease issue, not the arrival of CPK or any other crazy reason. We will be partnering with another concept and reopening on the Upper West Side by summers end. Upon establishment of the new location, we plan on opening many more locations, including a return to the Park Avenue South area.
Ah, so there you have it? [EaterWire]

UPPER WEST SIDE—The DOH has struck beer-and-burger spot West Side Brewing Co. A reader writes, "Walked by West Side Brewing Co. on Amsterdam Ave. & 76th St last night and noticed that it was closed. Sure enough, the familiar yellow flyers were posted indicating that it had been closed by the DOH. There was a separate sign posted that the violations were a result of the construction happening next door (new condos going in) and that they would reopen once they had it sorted out." [EaterWire Inbox]

SOHO—Soul-food eatery Lola hasn't has it easy. The restaurant's opening has been massively delayed due to a host of issues, including all-too-common liquor license hoop jumping. Though quite a few publications announced the place's arrival, we learn that it still hasn't opened. Via an Eater operative, "although previously reported that Lola downtown was open...looks like it's still under construction. Owner said that they "planned" to open in 2-3 weeks." [EaterWire]

TRIBECA—From a tipster, we hear that Drew Nieporent's Vietnamese restaurant Mai House just hosted a special guest, none other than Vietnamese State President Nguyen Minh Triet. The man "launched his US visit with a special dinner in his honor at Mai House last night." [EaterWire]

CHELSEA—This is interesting: A very special, deep-throat-type informant whispers that "tomorrow is Free Banana Lemonade Day at Swich." Not sure what the occasion is, but enjoy. [EaterWire]

NEW YORK CITY—London-based sandwich purveyor Pret A Manger is expanding. The chain, known for their tasty eats made from natural, preservative-free ingredients, currently has 11 stores in our fair city, but wants to open 40 more within the next three years. [Crain's]