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The Dish: Shopsins Essex Street Market Reopened

Lower East Side: At long last, and as Kenny had said they would last week, Shopsins has thrown open their stall gate at the Essex Street Market. First report: "Going full tilt today... Didn't have time to eat but I will be there tom'w with bells and whistles." Urban Daddy filed on this as well. Their color: "Shopsins' new Essex Street digs are about half the size of its former spot, but just as kitschy, with its jars of Marshmallow Fluff and wooden sign that reassures diners that "All Our Cooks Wear Condoms" (as we mentioned, he runs a tight ship). While they're serving "only" a few hundred items at first, the Shopsins promise that, as soon as their cult following comes running back, the menu will one day attain its former 11-page glory." Stall #16, Essex Street Market, 120 Essex Street, LES; no phone. [; UD]