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The DOH Chronicles: Mice Caught on Tape at Pinkberry

In an episode similar to the Taco Bell rat incident that sent the Department of Health into a tizzy and has been wreaking havoc on New York restaurateurs ever since, mice were caught on tape, out in the open, at a Pinkberry at 82nd Street and Second Avenue. The footage was shot over the weekend by WABC Eyewitness News. According to their story, at one point 'six or seven mice' were scampering about. In response, Pinkberry had this to say:

Since our store is regularly inspected and sanitized, we're shocked and puzzled by this footage. We're investigating thoroughly and have already re-sanitized all of our New York stores.
The brand new store has a six-month-old clean bill of health. Last night, for the first time in a year, the owners of Tasti-D-Lite has a good night's sleep.
· Mice On The Loose at Frozen Yogurt Store [WABC]