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Dispatch from Aspen: Sunday Debrief

At the Cookoff, Flay steamrolls Colicciho, by way of blue-card-green-card audience vote.

1) At the 11th Annual Classic Cookoff, this year to benefit Food & Wine's Grow for Good campaign, Top Chef winner Ilan Hall got his ass handed to him by Jacques Pépin in a battle of long short ribs, and Bobby Flay absolutely crushed a groggy-seeming Tom Colicchio in a liver face off. Colicchio sound byte of the day: "Hey Bobby, after this weekend you could probably use a new liver, huh?"

2) Deep Cover Report From the Two Twelve House #1: "Heard Sam Talbot was hitting on lots of girls and getting nowhere -- not sure if that's true. Definitely true: he was marching around with a euro scarf and tried, unsuccessfully, to cut the line for taxis outside. On Sunday, the ratio of star chefs was v low at the party; only Bobby and Tom. Most of the Best New Chefs were there, even the one from Seattle who'd slept in the field after going shot-for-shot with Mario the night before. Mario and Spotted Pig contingents notably absent on Saturday night."

3) Deep Cover Report From the Two Twelve House #2: "Burke won the poker tourney. Ming Tsai was the first out, Ilan Hall the 4th. Burke: "I read Colicchio like a book."

4) Random, Amazing Culture Clash: Naughty By Nature played an unofficial closing night show at Belly Up; also, were spotted at Sunday afternoon Classic parties.