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Kane's Forty Deuce Making New Friends in Nolita

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Above, protest signage spotted in Nolita by an Eater correspondent. His report:

Looks like the neighbors on Elizabeth Street are trying to rally some resistance towards the very non-Nolita-esque burlesque moving into the neighborhood. This notice was up on several doors on Elizabeth in the block north of the corner of Kenmare and Elizabeth where the preliminary construction for Ivan Kane/David Bowie/Sting strip club Forty Deuce appears to have started. They're appealing to the State liquor board to reject the license. The note claims there are over 20 bars with full license within 500 feet, in addition to proximity to China Town board of Education Head Start, Mott St Senior Center, and a tutoring facility.
This much is sure: this place, in the old Charlie's Clam Bar space, is big.


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