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Dispatch from Aspen: Tom Colicchio Runs this Place

1) Food & Wine Classic in Aspen unofficial Belle of the Ball: Tom Colicchio, whose has a presence here to behold. Perhaps it's the stable of restaurants, TV shows, marketing deals and personality that has younger restaurateurs, almost literally, drooling over nice guy Tom. The man on Top Chef: "No one knew what a monster it would turn out to be."

2) That thing we said about Flay and the plane and his primo seat. Yeah, he didn't like that so much. Related: It turns out that blogs are evil.

3) Worst Use of a Mini Cooper/Biggest Aesthetic Offense to Local Aspen Cougars: The Gran Marnier Mini (above).

4) Food & Wine staffers, when given the choice to go with either a Niçoise salad or an In-N-Out style double double pick the double double four out of four times.

5) The Two Twelve House is very nice.